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Not suitable for all clients: Jennifer Love Hewitt seen with natural AND digitally reduced bosom in differing ads for TV show ©


She is feted for her voluptuous figure but it seems that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s curves were too much of an eyeful for some.

Two different adverts for her new series, The Client List, have been released this week.

While the Hollywood Reporter and billboards across Los Angeles went for Jennifer’s natural bosom, which is a double D cup size, Entertainment Weekly decided their delicate readers should only see a smaller, digitally reduced cup size.

Photo : Spot the difference: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s bosom was deemed to be too large for some magazines, seen up in her natural form and, down, her chest digitally reduced as seen in Entertainment Weekly.

Jennifer who regularly graces the covers of men’s magazines because of her enviable figure, has said of her ample breasts: ‘I just accepted them as a great accessory to every outfit.’

The actress, plays a single-mother-of-two who finds extra work with a high-end prostitution service in Texas in the show on the Lifetime channel.

The 33-year-old Ghost Whisper star who was named her the sexiest woman on television by TV guide in 2008, said she has learnt about the importance of good lingerie when shooting her new TV show in which she is often scantily-clad.

Jennifer : I learned a lot actually. I’m not quite as scared as I thought I would be,’ she told Parade magazine.
I’ve actually learned how to wear lingerie better – sort of how to get into it faster – all of those things,’ she added.

‘Being sort of a feisty young lady from Texas comes naturally to me because that’s sort of who I am. I’ve grown up in a household of feisty Texas women.’

‘But being so overtly sexy and provocative, that part of it is not something that I’ve really put out there before. And it has been fun and exciting.

Body con: Love Hewitt is happy with her curves and revels in her new risque role.

And despite Entertainment Weekly’s handling of her assets, Jennifer is comfortable with her curves.

The brunette beauty says that felt liberated showing off her feminine form in the drama series.

‘I feel like I’m at a good age for it. I’m 33-years-old and I think if I was younger, it would feel more saucy and daring. But at 33, I’m a grown woman. This is what we do,’ she said.

‘You sort of find your femininity and your strength and your own sexuality in playing a part like this. It’s been really fun.’

Photo : Distracted Drivers: Jennifer’s sexy advert seems well placed for the Studio City Auto Collision shop.

Source : dailymail.co.uk


Stars Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell ©

A shore thing: Home and Away stars Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell can’t keep their hands off each other at the beach


As the stars of the long running beach set soap opera, Home and Away, they are used to spending time by the seaside.

But Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell were making their own waves when they found time to relax with each other away from the camera.

The young couple looked very much in love as they splashed about at Freshwater Beach in Sydney.

Photo : Young love: Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell get close to each other at Freshwater Beach in Sydney.

Luke, 26, showed off a pretty impressive beach body as he emerged from the water hand in hand with his girlfriend.
He looked great in a pair of yellow and white surf shorts that emphasised his toned hips and ripped six-pack.

Rebecca was no slouch either when it came to a toned torso and the 24-year-old displayed an equally impressive body.

Photo : Surf’s up: The soap star only had eyes for her boyfriend when in the water.

Photo : Toned and tanned: Rebecca and Luke both displayed in shape beach bodies.

She wore a pair of plain black bikini bottoms with a purple strapless top.
The pair looked like they were in their own world as they played around in the water with Luke giving his girlfriend a piggy back.

Once back on dry land the public displays of affection continued as the couple spent more time kissing and cuddling on the sand.

Photo : Sweet thing: Luke couldn’t keep his hands off Rebecca in and out of the water.

Luke and Rebecca were certainly not shy about their romantic day at the beach and he posted a photograph of them looking cool with sunglasses on his Twitter page.

While Rebecca has been a regular face in Summer Bay as Ruby Buckton since 2008, Luke joined the cast a year later and plays heartthrob Romeo Smith.

He won his first acting award, a TV Week Logie, in 2010, for Most Popular New Male Talent and has continued to be a popular face with his female fans.

The girls may be left broken hearted, however, as Luke is reported to be house hunting with Rebecca, who he has dated since 2010.

Photo : Shady characters: The co-stars tweeted a picture of their day together .

Source at dailymail.co.uk

Kim Kardashian on Kanye West: “You Never Know What the Future Holds”©

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Video : Kim Kardashian: I’m in a positive place

So are they or aren’t they?
After spending the last couple of days hanging out together, rumors have naturally been running rampant that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now an item.
Sure enough, the subject was addressed when the E! reality star stopped by Today on Friday morning.

MORE: Kanye West’s New Song “Theraflu”: Is He “in Love” With Kim Kardashian?

“I completely respect and understand that you have to ask these questions. But as I’ve said before, Kanye and I have been friends for years,” Kardashian pointed out when Ann Curry brought up the relationship with West, before adding with a smile: “You never know what the future holds or where my life will take me.”
As for her split from Kris Humphries, Kardashian opted to keep her comments to a minimum.
MORE: Bikini Shot of the Day—Kim Kardashian Doubles Our Pleasure
“We are still going through a divorce, so there’s not really much that I’m allowed to talk about,” she noted. “Out of respect for him, I try to not really talk about stuff involving him…I’m just really ready to move on.”
Hmm. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how involved West will be when it comes to the “moving on” part.
PHOTOS: Fashion Spotlight—Kim Kardashian

Source : uk.eonline.com

Video at today.msnbc.msn.com

Movie Review || 21 Jump Street || Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

Rolling Stone Reviews By PETER TRAVERS

Laugh all you want: life never stops being like high school. Never. is an action comedy that holds that truth to be self-evident. It stars Jonah Hill, 28, and Channing Tatum, 31, as cops who go undercover in high school to bust a drug ring and wind up futilely trying to correct everything they screwed up in their teens. “How old are you – 40?” asks a fellow student as Tatum (in a revelatory, bust-out comic performance) tries to squeeze into a dainty classroom seat.

Hey, wait. Wasn’t there a Fox TV series with Johnny Depp that did the same shtick back in the 1980s? Yeah. But 21 Jump Street is no cheeseball reboot. Producer Hill, who came up with the story with screenwriter Michael Bacall (Project X), has too much affection for the TV series to reduce it to a spoof. A priceless cameo from Depp, in the role he created and about which my lips are sealed, confirms it. This bracing new take on 21 Jump Street has a playful spark all its own. It’s a blast.

Oscar nominee Hill (I love saying that about the Moneyball star) is terrific as Schmidt, the brains of the duo, since Tatum’s Jenko barely mustered out of the police academy without his coaching. These dudes hated each other in high school. Check out the hilarious opening flashback with jock Jenko and supernerd Schmidt, in braces and dyed-yellow curls like a not-so-Slim Shady, emerging as natural-born enemies.

Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, known for the animated Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, have an instinct to go for giggly farce, but Hill and Tatum stay admirably rooted to character. Assigned to the Jump Street unit that’s been dead since the 1980s, the team takes R-rated orders from hardass Captain Dickson (Ice Cube), who has scant use for the “Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus muthafuckas” under his command. Schmidt and Jenko pose as brothers at the same high school to finger a student pusher. That he’s clean-cut vegan Eric (Dave Franco, brother of James, with a distinctly wicked comic gift) is part of the joke. “I blame Glee,” says Jenko, who can’t cut it with the cool crowd. They prefer Schmidt, the anti-bully who fearlessly dons tights to star in a musical of Peter Pan and actually has a shot at nailing his Wendy (Brie Larson).

21 Jump Street throws way more balls in the air than it can comfortably juggle. The car chases have a frantic Michael Bay whoosh, but the kick comes in watching Schmidt and Jenko steal weed from a police evidence locker to throw a stoner house party and then, to prove they’re not narcs, get high on a drug that could literally blow their minds. Are we always still in high school in our heads? 21 Jump Street thinks so. And Hill and Tatum are just the crazy-ass comedy team to prove it.

Source : rollingstone.com

U.S. FIGHTER JET Crashes into Apartment Complex ©

This is the smoldering wreckage of an F-18 Hornet fighter jet that crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia moments ago.

The Navy confirms … the crash occurred around 11 AM in Virginia Beach. Two people were injured — a pilot and a person on the ground. They were both hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

The Navy says both members of the 2-person crew ejected from the jet.

The jet reportedly costs roughly $67 MILLION.

It’s unclear what caused the plane to go down. So far, there are no reports of casualties.

Rescue crews are currently at the scene.

Source : tmz.com

KIM KARDASHIAN || Here we go again!©

Is That a Hickey … or Psoriasis?

On the same day she revealed she’s publicly dating Kanye West, Kim Kardashian was sporting a suspicious red blotch on the side of her neck.

At first we thought — hickey, for sure — but then we remembered Kim suffers from psoriasis … a condition that can cause itchy dry red patches on the skin.

We reached out to Kim for comment so she could settle the debate once and for all … but we haven’t heard back.

Source : tmz.com

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