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A shore thing: Home and Away stars Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell can’t keep their hands off each other at the beach


As the stars of the long running beach set soap opera, Home and Away, they are used to spending time by the seaside.

But Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell were making their own waves when they found time to relax with each other away from the camera.

The young couple looked very much in love as they splashed about at Freshwater Beach in Sydney.

Photo : Young love: Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell get close to each other at Freshwater Beach in Sydney.

Luke, 26, showed off a pretty impressive beach body as he emerged from the water hand in hand with his girlfriend.
He looked great in a pair of yellow and white surf shorts that emphasised his toned hips and ripped six-pack.

Rebecca was no slouch either when it came to a toned torso and the 24-year-old displayed an equally impressive body.

Photo : Surf’s up: The soap star only had eyes for her boyfriend when in the water.

Photo : Toned and tanned: Rebecca and Luke both displayed in shape beach bodies.

She wore a pair of plain black bikini bottoms with a purple strapless top.
The pair looked like they were in their own world as they played around in the water with Luke giving his girlfriend a piggy back.

Once back on dry land the public displays of affection continued as the couple spent more time kissing and cuddling on the sand.

Photo : Sweet thing: Luke couldn’t keep his hands off Rebecca in and out of the water.

Luke and Rebecca were certainly not shy about their romantic day at the beach and he posted a photograph of them looking cool with sunglasses on his Twitter page.

While Rebecca has been a regular face in Summer Bay as Ruby Buckton since 2008, Luke joined the cast a year later and plays heartthrob Romeo Smith.

He won his first acting award, a TV Week Logie, in 2010, for Most Popular New Male Talent and has continued to be a popular face with his female fans.

The girls may be left broken hearted, however, as Luke is reported to be house hunting with Rebecca, who he has dated since 2010.

Photo : Shady characters: The co-stars tweeted a picture of their day together .

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