Amanda Bynes Spotted Post-Jail Release ©

Saturday April 07, 2012 05:00 PM EDT


Amanda Bynes 

National Photo Group

After being arrested for driving under the influence early Friday morning, Amanda Bynes took a solemn mug shot – and looked equally downtrodden after her release from jail. 

The actress, 26, was photographed later on Friday wearing a white top, a black jacket, skirt and heels and a pair of dark sunglasses while seated on a bench. 

Bynes, 26, was also spotted covering her face as she left the West Hollywood jail, applying makeup and taking a cab to retrieve her car from a tow lot. 

PEOPLE has confirmed that Bynes was at L.A.’s Greystone Manor Supperclub Thursday night before her DUI. 

She was arrested after she collided with a police car, police confimed to PEOPLE Friday. According to GossipCop (who first broke the story) Bynes was still in custody on Friday morning with bail reportedly set at $5,000.

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