Queen Elizabeth Gives Camilla an Esteemed New Title ©

Queen Elizabeth Gives Camilla an Esteemed New Title
From the Duchess of Cornwall to Dame Grand Cross, Camilla has arrived.


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Norway's Queen Sonja visit Troldhaugen residence, home of famous Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, in Bergen, March 21, 2012.

Queen Elizabeth granted 64-year-old Camilla, wife of her son, Prince Charles, the highest female rank in the Royal Victorian Order to honor Camilla on her seventh wedding anniversary. She is now a Dame Grand Cross. The Queen has the sole right to bestow ranks to individuals who serve her or the monarchy.

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The thought of Camilla working her way so strongly into the hearts of either the English people or the monarch once seemed far-fetched. Camilla was, at times, at least partially blamed for breaking up Charles and Princess Diana and was less than admired when she married Charles. The second marriage for Charles put the monarchy in a conundrum of what title to give Camilla, still not referred to as Princess of Wales out of respect for Diana.

But as Camilla has proven a more than capable royal, the public has widely accepted her. The Duchess of Cornwall has represented the monarch and Prince Charles hundreds of times in the last seven years in public events both at home and abroad.

The newest Dame Grand Cross was recently seen at a London event with the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge (we once knew her as Kate Middleton), surely a powerful royal trio. And they all have the titles to back it up.

Via newsfeed.time.com


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