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AMANDA BYNES Goes Back to the Clubs — Another Auto Mishap

Sporting another hoochie outfit, Amanda Bynes went clubbing in Hollywood again last night … for the 2nd time since her DUI arrest … and it was a disaster.

Bynes — who drove herself to the Chateau Marmont and Greystone Manor — was seen texting behind the wheel … and she eventually backed over a curb in a red zone.

Bynes eventually got the car parked … and strutted her way inside Greystone … the same place where a seemingly intoxicated Amanda got behind the wheel and drove off back in March … despite desperate warnings from our photog.

Bynes was eventually busted for DUI on April 6 after partying at Smoke and Mirrors at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood … where she unsuccessfully tried to party hours after her arrest.



Angelina Jolie Freaks As Brad Pitt Plans To Work With Jennifer Aniston

Some say that Brad Pitt’s intention to work with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston on upcoming film projects is a spiteful response to Angelina Jolie’s rekindled relationship with ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton. After all what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Angelina has been widely reported to have written a gushing introduction to Billy Bob’s new book – … Keep Reading >>

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The Smart Money Says Kate Middleton Is Already Pregnant

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently enjoyed a skiing holiday together in Switzerland while away the odds in the United Kingdom that Kate is now pregnant improved! It seems that in the United Kingdom where legalized gambling is widespread, people were hurrying to bookmakers to place bets that Kate will announce her pregnancy this year. The odds are even higher … Keep Reading >>

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Report: Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Prepare To Live Separately

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are going to live apart as they have been battling over Justin’s potential infidelity. Jen learned her lesson for good at the end her failed marriage when Brad Pitt dumped her for Angelina Jolie. This time around she can take no chances and Justin’s continued liaisons with his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens are driving her to … Keep Reading >>


Kanye West To Propose Marriage To Kim Kardashian While On Caribbean Holiday?

Kim Kardashian might very well return from her romantic getaway with Kanye West engaged to be married. Is Kanye planning to propose to Kim on their upcoming Caribbean vacation? Is that why Kanye has spent almost $50,000 on the vacation which includes a private bungalow at the exclusive Soufriere Resort in St Lucia? Will he be taking a hot engagement ring along with him on the trip?
According to The Sun Kanye is planning to take his new girlfriend Kim off to enjoy a $48,000 luxury Caribbean holiday together. The ‘Gold Digger’ rapper has hired a private bungalow at the exclusive Soufriere resort in of St Lucia, which comes complete with a private masseur and chef and a five-man security team.
A source told The Sun: “Kanye knows Kim is used to staying in luxury but wanted to top everything she’s experienced,” adding that “money is no object, he wants the best of everything.” According to the source “Kanye’s planning some romantic evenings and is relying on his chef to knock out some amazing seafood dishes to get them in the mood.”

Hollywood Hiccups Reports: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Hollywood’s newest power couple, are planning a romantic vacation getaway. This is the logical first step for any Hollywood couple: go to a far off, exotic place where they can stare longingly into the eyes of one another. Of course, the step that often time follows is the BREAK UP . . . but perhaps KIMye will stay strong.
What do you think? Both love attention. Both are slightly annoying. Perhaps they’re a match made by Cupid’s bow?
The couple are planning to travel to St. Lucia. Kanye has allegedly gone all out for his new woman, getting them both a room at an exclusive resort, complete with a private chef. How many of you think KIMye has ALREADY arranged for a beach photoshoot?

Could this be Kim’s chance to become a married woman once more? Does Kanye really want to be a reality TV star? Kris Jenner is all in favor of Kim’s new love interest although her step-dad Bruce Jenner is less pleased. What about you? Do you anticipate a bright future for the couple? Let us know in the comments below.


Diet Coke Unveils Madonna-Inspired Cans, Designed By John Paul Gaultier

‘Is it just me, or is this the ugliest soda bottle ever conceived ?’ LOL

The ad campaign:

The bottle:


This Is Why You Should Never Text And Walk At The Same Time

Like I always say: if you text and walk at the same time, you WILL run into a bear. It’s simple, people.

Perfect surprise and panic reaction LOL… ☺

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