My Life, My Style: Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria sits down with Life & Style and reveals some fun secrets!

My most luxurious getaway was to…
Bora-Bora– it’s so far, but the trip is so worth it once you’re there. The water is blue, the beaches are white; it’s like an untouched Hawaii. It’s French Polynesian and I speak French so it’s easy to speak to the locals, who are so friendly. And yes, I did stay in one of those hotel rooms on stilts above the water, which was great.

My favorite cocktail is…
I don’t drink cocktails. I like wine. I like cabernets from the Russian River area in California. The best cabs and pinots come from California.

My favorite piece of jewelry I’ve ever worn on the red carpet was…
When I went to the Golden Globes for the first time, I wore a short black Oscar de la Renta dress with emerald earrings; I think they were by H. Stern, but I’m not sure. There’s nothing like a beautiful pair of emerald earrings with a black dress.

I knew I made it when I could afford…
A house in San Antonio for my mother.

My biggest guilty pleasure is…
Going to the spa. I love relaxing massages — not Shiatsu or deep-tissue, just the relaxing type. I also like scrubs.

The farthest place I’ve ever traveled…
The Maldives. It’s really nice there.

Photo credit: ABC



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