Would You Rock These? Acne Loafer Pilgrim Heel Things

I’m all for combining weird things. Flamin Hot Cheetos and whipped cream cheese? Delicious! Ice-T and Coco? The perfect couple. French fries dipped in milkshakes? Yum-town USA (sorry I’m hungry). BUT there are limits. For example, this Acne hybrid loafer-stiletto kind of makes me feel weird in my soul. Besides the fact that is essentially has two heels and looks super uncomfortable, the pilgrim-esque buckle is really throwing my eyeballs off their game. But just as some people like peanut-butter with pickles (EW GROSS FREAKS), some people might like these shoes? Maybe?

What do you think of ’em?

(Acne Flax $739.95 at Solestruck)



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