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Leopard Print Lamborghini Burns the Eyes

There’s so much that’s ostentatious about the Italian supercar that they attract these sort of people. There’s a subset of exotic car owner that is the totally tasteless exotic car owner. This guy is so tasteless that he doesn’t think that parking a Ferrari 599 in front of a soup kitchen is in bad taste. He’s the same buy that puts a leopard print wrap on his Lambo Murcielago.

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Lamborghini takes on Range Rover with new off-roader concept… and they’ll surely build it

The Urus is likely to cost from £150,000 with a sales target of 3,000 per year. With the Chinese market soaring that shouldn’t be a problem

Concept: Lamborghini Urus

Concept: Lamborghini Urus

NOT for the first time, Lamborghini is going off-roading.

It did so in the 1980s with the outrageous ­Countach-powered LM002.

Now the car you see before you is a concept that Lamborgini has been showing at the Beijing show.

It may be a concept but it’s almost a dead cert that Lamborghini is going to build it, not least because it needs another model in its line-up just in case sales of supercars do a wobble. Which they often do.

Also, Lamborghini’s boss says that virtually all Lamborghini owners also own a top-end SUV like a Range Rover.

Since I’ve got a Range Rover and recently owned a Gallardo for a couple of months I can’t argue with that.

Outside: It's a dead cert this will go into production, says Richard Hammond

Outside: It's a dead cert this will go into production, says Richard Hammond

Inside: You'll have to wait till 2016 to get to see this view

Inside: You'll have to wait till 2016 to get to see this view

There are a couple of issues to get out of the way before we get too excited.

First the name: it’s called the Urus. It sounds like some part of a bloke’s toilet system but it’s actually an ancient animal that’s related to the modern bull. Right.

The next slight issue is the powerplant. The Urus will be built on the next generation Audi Q7 platform, as will Bentley’s Falcon luxury SUV and the next Porsche Cayenne.

No problem with that but the word is that Lamborghini is thinking about using Audi’s new 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 backed up by an electric motor.

The company is talking about around 600bhp and a top speed of 186mph. The performance is not a problem, I’m just not sure about a V8 and a hybrid system.

The original: Lamborghini's 1980's off-roader

The original: Lamborghini's 1980's off-roader

Off the road: The Countach-powered LM002 was presented in 1986

Off the road: The Countach-powered LM002 was presented in 1986

Lamborghinis in the early 70s used a V8 engine (in the little Urraco) but we’ve got used to Lambos having at least 10-cylinder engines.

The Urus is likely to cost from about £150,000 with a sales target of 3,000 cars per year.

With the Chinese market going into warp drive that shouldn’t be a problem.

Lamborghini could make a few extreme versions perhaps powered by the Aventador’s V12 engine, as long as it would fit under the bonnet.

I’d have thought a 4×4 with 700bhp would be too much for many ­multimillionaires to ignore.

They’ll have to wait until 2016 though before Lamborghini has the Urus in the showrooms.


Gallery : Test Driving the Overachievers

2012 Jaguar XJ Supersport

Its lithe design may evince all the calm of the cool exec in the corner office, but underneath lurks muscle that could only be forged in the boxing gym. For its line-topping sedan, the XJ Supersport, that brute power comes in the form of a 5-liter, 510-hp supercharged V8 which, come workday’s end, propels it to sixty mph in a scant 4.7 seconds. With more leather, wood, and fine English speakers than a cigar bar, that figure seems an anomaly — until you find out that an aluminum frame partially offsets the added weight of those posh amenities. On our test drive, a laggy infotainment system caused a few minor headaches, but its all-day torque offered enough respite to make every ride ten times more fun than any corporate retreat.

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Interview: Travis Pastrana Talks NASCAR Nationwide Series Debut

On April 27 Travis Pastrana is headed to the Richmond International Speedway for his NASCAR Nationwide Series debut. After dominating motocross and rallying for years, Pastrana is now making the unbelievable transition into NASCAR. Travis has won numerous X Games Gold Medals and performed life-risking stunts on Nitro Circus, but presently the pressure is mounting as Travis revs up for his first prime time Nationwide Series race on ESPN2. The legendary motorsports competitor was the first to land a double backflip on a dirt bike, and even leapt from an airplane without a parachute. Now, the stakes for Travis are as high as they’ve ever been as he looks to command his spot amongst the best drivers in the world.

Complex recently spoke with Pastrana to discuss his upcoming Nationwide Series debut and transition into NASCAR. Here’s what the record-breaking athlete had to say.

Your transition from motocross to rallying was impressive, but now it’s NASCAR. Do you feel like your previous experiences have helped you prepare the new pressures that come with racing NASCAR?

Without a doubt, racing anything is beneficial. Knowing how everything works, being able to find lines. In motocross and rally, I had dirt to dirt. I knew how to read lines, I knew how to look for traction. But, I had to basically learn everything about cars. I’ve driven my whole life, raced Go-Carts, but this is something really new. I had to listen to the co-driver, and really trust him, and trust the team. I moved from just one mechanic (in motocross) to rally where we had three. With NASCAR, there’s probably like 40-50 guys that touch my car before I can even get in it. Just learning how to communicate and listen to the spotter and understand what he’s saying. We’re sort of starting from the bottom of the barrel, but I do think my other previous races are beneficial. Maybe not exactly comparable, but definitely beneficial.

You’ll be making your NASCAR Nationwide Series debut at Richmond on April 27. After just a few K&N Pro Series starts, how are you feeling about your first Nationwide appearance?


We have our work cut out for us. It’s been exciting. By the end of the day, I can usually get up there and run lap times as fast as anybody. I know we can do this. It’s all about communication. We’ve got a great team with Michael Waltrip Racing working together with RAB Racing, my crew chief has been with us for the past year and a half, plus my cousin in the pit crew, so there’s been a lot of familiar faces. I’m in the Toyota #99 so my goal is to stay in the lead lap.

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AMANDA BYNES Goes Back to the Clubs — Another Auto Mishap

Sporting another hoochie outfit, Amanda Bynes went clubbing in Hollywood again last night … for the 2nd time since her DUI arrest … and it was a disaster.

Bynes — who drove herself to the Chateau Marmont and Greystone Manor — was seen texting behind the wheel … and she eventually backed over a curb in a red zone.

Bynes eventually got the car parked … and strutted her way inside Greystone … the same place where a seemingly intoxicated Amanda got behind the wheel and drove off back in March … despite desperate warnings from our photog.

Bynes was eventually busted for DUI on April 6 after partying at Smoke and Mirrors at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood … where she unsuccessfully tried to party hours after her arrest.


Woman smashes boyfriend’s car through bowling alley where he worked after he changed his Facebook status to SINGLE

Heartbroken Claire Holley smashed her boyfriend’s car into the bowling alley where he worked – after he ditched her on Facebook.

The jilted 31-year-old took his silver Ford Focus, revved the engine, then rammed it into two security bollards and the glass double doors, causing £14,000 of damage.

Terrified staff and customers fled for cover at the Hollywood Bowl in Middlebrook, Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The car ended up perched against one of the customer service counters – where her newly ex-boyfriend Davy Jones worked.

Hours earlier Jones, who is the father of one of her two children, ended their relationship.

Holley was sentenced this week to a nine-month jail term at Bolton Crown Court, suspended for two years, after she pleaded guilty to dangerous driving at an earlier hearing.

She was also banned from driving for 18 months after admitting drink driving.

The mother had 50 microgrammes of alcohol on her breath – the legal limit is 35mg.

Geoff Whelan, prosecuting, told the court that Holley and Mr Jones had been in a two-year relationship and have one child together.

He added: ‘She dropped Mr Jones off at Hollywood Bowl at 5pm. She text asking him not to leave and to come back home.

‘She had written things on Facebook saying she was heartbroken and crushed. He turned his phone off.’

Holley, of Seddon Street, Little Hulton, Bolton, left her two children, aged 11 and five, with Mr Jones’ sister and set off in his silver Ford Focus after drinking half a bottle of wine and couple of large vodkas.

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When red doesn’t mean stop! Mother bird feeds her hungry young brood in traffic lights nest

Most birds create their nests using leaves, twigs and berries.

But these city-dwelling mistle thrushes decided to come up with an ingenious alternative using a set of traffic lights to set up their home.

Motorists driving over the busy roundabout in Eccles, Salford, were surprised and delighted to see the family of birds flying in and out of the lights.

Ready to fly: A mistle thrush nests in an amber traffic light on the busy roundabout

Ready to fly: A mistle thrush nests in an amber traffic light on the busy roundabout

‘I stopped at the traffic lights and saw something fly past me,’ said delivery driver Beverley Harper, 47, from Bury. ‘It went straight into the traffic light.

‘As the lights turned to amber then green, I could see the nest and a few little beaks.
‘The chicks were lit up by the lights. It was a brilliant thing to see and it caught me by surprise.
‘They looked really comfortable in there and to see them put a real smile on my face for the rest of the day.’

City lifestyle: A parent leaves the family home to bring back food for the chicks

City lifestyle: A parent leaves the family home to bring back food for the chicks

Experts said mistle thrushes are known for choosing unusual nesting sites.

Bird enthusiast Adrian Dancy said a pair had previously been discovered nesting over a lighting rig at the entrance to the Printworks entertainment complex in Manchester city centre.

He has also photographed a family living in a nest on a window sill at Chetham’s School of Music, while mistle thrushes are regularly seen feeding and singing around the grounds of Manchester Cathedral.

Mr Dancy said: ‘Mistle thrushes look like, and are often mistaken for, song thrushes.

“Braking for dinner: The family share their food as the light goes out at their unusual nesting spot”

‘They have been known to nest in strange places, sometimes often in lighting structures.They were originally woodland birds but have adapted to urban environments.

‘They are delightful birds and it seems that one place is as good as another when it comes to building a nest.

‘These chicks obviously feel safe in the traffic lights. The birds normally have two broods a year. They start breeding in February and now the chicks appear to be at an advanced stage.’

Mistle thrushes are characterised by their white-tipped tail edges and ‘football rattle’ call.


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