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There’s certainly nothing evil about Charlize Theron’s sheer dress. Kristen’s, not so sure

Charlize Theron turns up to the London premiere of Snow White wearing a sexy see through dress

Charlize does a bit of bewitching with her eyes

Charlize does a bit of bewitching with her eyes

She plays the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman and although she had a black dress on, like what we’d imagine evil queens wear, there was nothing nasty about Charlize tonight as she arrived at the premiere of her latest film.

Wearing a floor length number, Charlize swanned into London’s Leicester Square with her lovely long legs on display through the sheer material and almost showing a bit of boob too.

Sexy and evil - Charlize ticks all boxes

Sexy and evil – Charlize ticks all boxes

Sheer loveliness - it's an old cliche - but most appropriate

Sheer loveliness – it’s an old cliche – but most appropriate

She's sexy and she knows it

She’s sexy and she knows it

Liberty Ross also went for a see through dress

Liberty Ross also went for a see through dress

We’ve studied these pictures quite hard and are pretty sure her modesty is being protected by some flesh coloured material under there – unfortunately.

Kristen Stewart also stars in the movie as Snow White and Charlize told Celebuzz she thinks she’s got a great future ahead of her: “I think that she is going to have an amazing career,” she said.

Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock are a pretty pair, aren't they?

Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock are a pretty pair, aren’t they?

Yeah, we're not so sure about Kristen attempt at the whole see through, sheer thing

Yeah, we’re not so sure about Kristen attempt at the whole see through, sheer thing

It's just a bit weird rather than sexy, no?

It’s just a bit weird rather than sexy, no?

Kristen would like you to see the back too

Kristen would like you to see the back too

And a smile - there's a first

And a smile – there’s a first

“I think, as an actor, she’s doing it, because she really loves her job and she is really good at it. My experience has been, if your reasons for doing this is authentic as that and you have the tenacity and guts that she has, then I think you have the right personality for this job. I think she has that.”

Nothing evil about her at all.

Lily Cole slinked up too

Lily Cole slinked up too

This all looks a little awkward

This all looks a little awkward



How To Layer Your Clothes!

 Keltie Colleen

Back on an old #askkeltie chat someone asked for a gallery about how to layer your clothes. Now that spring is here, and the warmer weather is coming, it’s a great time to layer tons and tons! You never know what the weather will be like!

Here are some of my favorite layering ideas to get you inspired!

Hot Or Not?

Personally I’m super into Kristen Stewart‘s boyish punky style (and her perennial sneer) but still it’s nice once in a while to see the Twilight actress change it up. On the cover of the June 2012 issue of Elle UK, the 22 year old beauty sports a distinctly lady-like style, complete with a fancy (and faux) shoulder length brunette bob.

While this isn’t an actual hair cut, we’re kinda digging the look on K. Stew. What do you think of Kristen’s posh look?


Celebs We Want As Our Prom Date

Prom season is in full swing and whether or not you’re going to the big dance with a date or solo, it’s always nice to daydream about the celeb hotties we would potentially want as our dream prom dates. Why? Because why not! Here are celebs we would want as our prom date.

Channing Tatum

Summer Essentials

From Vanity Fair Fashion Dept.
By Michael Carl

As I put away my winter sweaters and pulled out my shorts and summer tees earlier this week, I thought to myself, “This is going to be the best summer ever.” I was preparing to go on a camping trip to a destination with no cell-phone service, so naturally I didn’t say this aloud to any of my friends. I have seen enough horror movies to know that can only end badly.

It’s not often that I think like this, but something is in the air this year and I can feel it in my bones. So bring it on—the sun, the waves, the beach, the drinks by the pool, and the decadent meals that last too long into the night. I am ready for it all! Here are some seasonal essentials to help you dress the part and make the most of what is destined to be the best summer ever. (I know, I am also a little confused at my newfound optimism. Just roll with it; I am.)


A Chambray Shirt. I don’t know when or how it happened, but suddenly a chambray shirt became a summer essential. It is now totally fine to wear it with jeans as well as with any other kind of pant. This J.Crew chambray shirt is the best one I’ve found; it looks great with the sleeves rolled up for the beach, tucked in your khakis for a casual day look, and with a suit (my personal favorite).

J.Crew Slim Selvedge Chambray Utility Shirt. $98, jcrew.com.


Swim Shorts. If you don’t own a bright-colored swimsuit this summer, you might as well not even go to the beach. I recently fell in love with this swimsuit line called Onia. You can get the trunks in three lengths, depending on how comfortable you are with your legs or how appropriate they are for whatever beach you are on. What fits in on the beaches of Far Rockaway may not be just right for, say, Fire Island. Bonus: if you have a son, they come in matching kids’ sizes. I am getting one for my godson and stealing him away for the weekend, to give Mom and Dad a “break” while I complete my evil plan to become the world’s coolest uncle.

Charles Trunks by Onia. $130, onia.com.


Boat Shoes. I have been trumpeting boat shoes since I started writing Carl’s Crush, and I think they are going to be huge again this summer. So huge, in fact, that I think you need to find a pair that has something a little special so you can stand out from the crowd. These multicolored deck shoes from Lanvin will be suitably unique, plus they’re Lanvin.

Lanvin Leather & Suede Boat Shoes. $775, mrporter.com.



Gallery : The Best Spring Jackets

Photograph by Greg Broom

Photograph by Greg Broom

Inspired by field jackets worn by U.S. officers in the Korean War, Tommy Hilfiger updates the look with a cinched collar and stretch waistband.

1 of 8 Next >>

Recommended By Tommy Z.


Prada’s New Shoes Are Hot Rods for Feet

By Lauren Torrisi @Laurentorrisi

(Image credit: Bergdorf Goodman)

(Image credit: Bergdorf Goodman)

Shoes can propel any look from boring to bold, especially when they have flames shooting off of the back.

Prada’s latest shoes are inspired from the American tail fin era of the 1950s, when bright colors and souped up cars were all the rage.

The flames, shooting out the back of the shoes, resemble the tailpipe of a Cadillac. The bold design of the shoes mimics the chrome metal work of the car. The shoes, which range in price from $900 to $1,500, are quickly selling out of stores. For those hoping to snag a pair, they can find them online in most sizes.

SLIDESHOW: Prada’s Hot Rod Shoes Collection

“Women and Cars” is the theme for Miuccia Prada’s latest spring/summer 2012 collection featuring the shoes and other vintage-inspired clothing. The campaign images were shot by Steven Meisel, featuring the models atop vintage cars set at a 50′s-style American gas station.


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