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Instagram Gets Updated For iPhone 5′s 4-inch Screen And iOS 6 ©


The new big happy Facebook family is certainly on the ball with iPhone 5, delivering and update not only for its own app, but also one for new subsidiary Instagram designed to work on the new iPhone and iOS 6. The update now ensures that you’ll be able to check out your photos using the iPhone 5′s full 4-inches of glory.

Use of the larger screen doesn’t bring any major interface changes to the table: you’ll just see more of your feed at once. Would’ve been nice to see some additional use of the extra space, but at least the app, which is all about a pleasant viewing experience, isn’t letterboxed anymore. You’ll also get a new onboarding process for new users, useful if you’re just picking it up for the first time, as well as better password recovery options. It’s available now as a free update from the App Store.


RIM Fleshes Out BB10 App World With Music, Movies, And TV Shows; Devs Can Access It “Immediately” ©




BlackBerry 10 is still a ways away, but RIM VP of Business Development Martyn Mallick has revealed that the operating system’s App World storefront will sport plenty of new content very shortly. Despite the potentially limiting name, RIM’s App World will soon play home to music, movies, and television shows for the company’s 80 million users to browse and buy.

Naturally, details are still a little light at this point. Mallick noted that consumers would be able to both rent and purchase video content, and that there’s no streaming to be found here — all of the media is moved directly onto the device. What’s more, users will be able to view trending songs or videos to help make that all-important purchasing decision just a little bit easier. All that said, Mallick made no mention of any media partnerships, so exactly what kind of content we’ll find in the App World is still up in the air.

Developers toting around their Dev Alpha devices (including the fancy new Dev Alpha B) will see the new-and-improved App World “immediately,” though RIM was quick to note that the ability to actually, y’know, buy things, doesn’t work just yet.

The RIM employees on-stage let out a joyous yelp at the prospect of “one stop shopping,” and with good reason. Rival smartphone players Apple and Google have invested heavily in building up their respective media ecosystems, and RIM clearly doesn’t want to be left behind this time. Of course, this could all be for naught if RIM doesn’t wrangle up some strong content partners so we’ll just have to see what the folks in Waterloo and Hollywood come up with.

Via techcrunch

CBS SUES ABC You’ll PAY for Ripping Off ‘Big Brother’


CBS wasn’t bluffing … ’cause the network has made good on its threat to sue ABC over an upcoming reality show which CBS claims is a blatant rip off of “Big Brother” … and it’s NASTY.

As we previously reported, CBS fired off a cease-and-desist letter to ABC last week … claiming “Glass House” is “strikingly” similar to “Big Brother” — a bunch of people living in a house and competing for prizes.

Now, in a lawsuit filed in federal court in L.A., CBS states, “If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then CBS should take pride in ABC’s latest reality television project, ‘Life in a Glass House.'”

In the suit, CBS refers to “Glass House” as a “carbon copy” of “Big Brother” — and calls ABC’s decision to green light the show an “obvious attempt … to capitalize on its unique success.”

CBS claims its trying to stop ABC from committing a blatant theft of its copyrightable expression, trade secrets and other confidential information.

CBS also claims ABC has hired at least 19 former “BB” staffers to work on “Glass House” — and believes the employees are actively disclosing CBS’s trade secrets and confidential information to produce the show. CBS also believes at least one “Glass House” exec has been trying to poach current “BB” employees.

CBS wants at least 3 former high level “Big Brother” employees who signed with “Glass House” to fork over $500,000 EACH for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement they had with CBS.

CBS is also suing ABC for unspecified damages.

Stay tuned.


BREASTFEEDING ORG. We LOVE Time Mag Cover, Except …


The 3-year-old kid suckling from his mother’s teet on the cover of Time Magazine is NOT too old to breastfeed … so says a powerful breastfeeding organization — but they do have one gripe.

TMZ spoke with Bettina Forbes — co-founder of Best for Babes — an advocacy group dedicated to educating moms about breastfeeding.

Forbes tells us, “We understand that Americans are uncomfortable with [the Time cover], but in cultures where babies wean themselves normally, usually somewhere around age 3 or 4, it is perfectly acceptable.”

She adds, “Think of it this way — some cultures have been drinking green tea for millennia, only recently has it become popular in the United States once the health benefits were understood and it was popularized by marketing … breastfeeding is the same, it is accepted and valued in many cultures, but not yet fully in the U.S.”

As for the gripe — Forbes says her first choice would have been Jennifer Garner in the role of breastfeeder … but “we’re happy with anything that is an appealing image, provokes conversation, and ultimately desensitizes people to breastfeeding.”


“The fight is off!”: Amir Khan reveals the Lamont Peterson Lamont Peterson will NOT go ahead

Khan took to Twitter to announce the bout would not go ahead – and laid the blame solely at Peterson’s door

 Rematch off: Lamont and Khan were due to fight on May 19

Rematch off: Lamont and Khan were due to fight on May 19

Amir Khan’s world light-welterweight title fight against Lamont Peterson – scheduled for May 19 – has been called off following the American’s failed drug test.

The British boxer’s US promoter Richard Schaefer revealed earlier this week that Peterson tested positive for a banned steroid.

It cast doubt on whether the Las Vegas showdown would go ahead as the Nevada State Athletic Commission considered whether to grant him a licence.

Khan took to Twitter just before midnight tonight to announce the bout would not go ahead – and laid the blame solely at Peterson’s door.

He posted: “The fight is off! sorry everyone the only person to blame is @kingpete26 I’ll be looking for a opponent to fight June 30th.”

Khan complained to the WBA, IBF and Washington DC commission after losing his light-welterweight titles to Peterson in the American’s hometown, Washington, last year.

He highlighted several grievances, chiefly referee Joseph Cooper’s deduction of two points, the judges’ scoring of the bout and the unexplained presence of ‘mystery man’ Mustafa Ameen at ringside.


Your card details are ‘stolen out of thin air’: Information could be ‘robbed by radiowave’ thanks to new contactless technology

Insecure: Radio frequency identification (RFID), transmits bank details via its own radio signal and could be a fraud risk

Insecure: Radio frequency identification (RFID), transmits bank details via its own radio signal and could be a fraud risk

Millions of credit and debit card users could be ‘robbed by radiowave’ because of new contactless technology being brought in by banks.

Almost 20million shoppers are now able to buy goods by simply waving their card in front of a reader at the tills, even if it is still in a wallet or a purse.

But industry experts have warned that the information emitted by the cards can be stolen by fraudsters using handheld receptors that cost as little as £7 on the internet.

It means cardholders – most of whom are given a contactless card automatically when their old one expires – can unknowingly surrender their personal bank details to a thief by simply walking past them in the street.

The technology in the card, known as radio frequency identification (RFID), transmits bank details via its own radio signal, and is accepted in many High Street chains, including Co-op, Boots and Pret-a-Manger.

t does away with the need for a customer inputting their PIN when buying goods, and was designed to reduce queues at the checkout.

However, a fraudster with a contactless card reader can easily collect the 16-digit credit card number, expiry date and name – known as RFID skimming – from anyone who walks past carrying one of the new cards.

Vulnerable: Cards can be protected from RFID skimmers by being wrapped in tin foil or being kept in special foil-lined wallets

Vulnerable: Cards can be protected from RFID skimmers by being wrapped in tin foil or being kept in special foil-lined wallets

They then have enough information to rack up huge bills at any internet shopping site – such as Amazon – that does not demand the three-digit security code on the back of the card.

David Maxwell, a former policeman and director of RFIDprotect, a firm which specialises in protection against card fraud, said: ‘It has been a big problem in America for a while and is getting to be a big problem over here.’

Cards can be protected from RFID skimmers by being wrapped in tin foil or being kept in special foil-lined wallets.

Customers should also call their banks as soon as they suspect their card is being used fraudulently.

Ron Delnevo, of independent ATM operator Bank Machine, said: ‘Nobody really wants this technology yet it is being handed down to us by the banking industry. It is putting us all at increased risk of fraud.’


It’s Roy: FA to name Hodgson as England boss in amazing snub to fans’ favourite Redknapp

West Brom have given permission for the the FA to speak to Roy Hodgson about the vacant manager’s position

Top job: Roy Hodgson was considered second favourite behind Harry Redknapp to become next England manager

Top job: Roy Hodgson was considered second favourite behind Harry Redknapp to become next England manager

Roy Hodgson is set to become the new England manager.

Football Association chiefs were tonight granted permission by West Brom to speak to Hodgson, they have already held talks and they hope to have a deal wrapped up within 72 hours.

It will come as an amazing snub to Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp who is the people’s choice for the job and has always been the bookies’ odds-on favourite.

Spurs are also understood to be furious that the FA have dragged out the process while their results have gone through the floor and the uncertainty surrounding Redknapp has jeopardised their whole season.

But Mirror Sport understands that the FA do not intend to even speak to Redknapp as they see Hodgson as a “better fit” for the job, especially as they believe he will embrace the development side of the role at their St George’s Park HQ in Burton.

Former Switzerland boss Hodgson also boasts international experience on his CV and that is believed to be another key reason as to why the FA went for him ahead of Redknapp.

West Brom’s technical director Dan Ashworth is also a leading candidate to be appointed as the FA’s new technical director and move across with Hodgson.

Redknapp has also confided in friends that he has been left feeling shattered, in need of a break and had reservations about the Burton set-up.

No contact: Spurs' Harry Redknapp hasn't been approached

No contact: Spurs' Harry Redknapp hasn't been approached

But the FA will now have to brace themselves for a backlash for not going for the popular choice of Redknapp.

The speculation over Redknapp has also coincided with Tottenham’s season falling apart and they are now battling for fourth place having been title contenders before the clamour for him to succeed Fabio Capello who quit in February.

Hodgson has already admitted publicly he wants the England job and it seems certain that he will be appointed in time for the Euros and to pick the squad for the tournament.

Hodgson will also be cheaper than Redknapp as his contract expires at the end of June and has yet to agree a new deal with West Brom.

FA chairman Bernstein said: “Roy is the only manager we have approached and we remain on course to make an appointment within the timescale we set out.

“Further conversations will now take place with Roy.”

West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace said: “Roy has done a fantastic job over the past 15 months and the fact the FA wants to discuss the England role with him is testament to that.

“Roy is a proud Englishman and we can understand why he wants to speak to the FA about this highly prestigious managerial position.

“However, we have emphasised to Roy how much we would like him to remain as our head coach and continue his major contribution to our project at the Hawthorns as we look to establish ourselves as a Premier League club.

“Everyone here has an excellent working relationship with him and he is immensely popular with our supporters.”

Who would be your choice for England manager?

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